The Reasons Why The Beatles is Very Popular in Australia

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Who doesn’t know The Beatles, one of the most famous English rock bands, that was formed in 1960? The band has been so popular until now. Many of today’s bands and singers are influenced by the Beatles and its members. Do you know why the Beatles is very popular?

The Beatles invented a new music style. They wrote and performed their own works. The Beatles has been the standard for new bands until now. Since the mid of the 1960s, many successful bands have owed their success to the band. If you want to build a band which is internationally famous, you should make and perform your own music works or you won’t have record contracts.

The Beatles tried to grow all the time. In the first place, the band was just a rock and roll band citing the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly’s influences, playing Chuck Berry’s, and making compositions for girls. However, in their second album—the Rubber Soul—they began to play their own original work.

The Revolver album that was launched in 1966 was like a storm. It was a great innovation. There were many impacts on people and musicians after the Beatles launched its Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. No music works made by famous musicians and singers could compete with the Beatles’ works at that time. The Beatles continued its innovation on the Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, Let It Be, and Yellow Submarine albums.

The Beatles came with long hair, cute accents, and great songs such as “I Want to Hold Your Hands”, “Please, Please, Please, Me”, “She Loves You”, etc. Many music lovers think that the Beatles is the most recognizable band in the world. Many people, especially who lived in the 1960s, said that when they listened to the Beatles’ music for the very first time, it was like they had never heard any music before.

Now you know why the Beatles has been so popular until now. The band has influenced many music people and bands to have original works to show to people. This article about why the Beatles is very popular does give you the inspiration, right?

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