The Beatles Tour in New Zealand

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The Beatles tour in New Zealand was in 1964. When they landed in mid-winter, about seven thousand people of Wellington were crowded in Rongotai Airport to greet the fabulous four. They spent eight days in New Zealand and stayed at St George Hotel.

In 1955 Nat King Cole came to have a concert visited by five thousand people. The famous rock and roll stars such as Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, and Johnnie Ray had their tour concert there as well. A package tour of Dusty Springfields, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Gene Pitney, Brian Poole and the Tremelos had been done just weeks before the Beatles came to New Zealand.

In Australia, fans had to go camping to get tickets and New Zealanders were in the queue to have the ticket. With the wet and cold conditions with hundreds of people behind, each fan patiently bought the ticket. Even with limited radio air time, the fame of the Beatles spread so quickly in New Zealand.

The fans of the Beatles with famous songs “Please Please Me”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “You Can’t do that”, “All My Loving”, etc, were so ready to enjoy the live performance of the Beatles.

When greeting the band members at the airport, The Beatles’ New Zealand fans showed welcome placards to the band members and showed their “With the Beatles” album. As the Beatles landed from Sidney, McCartney was handed a big kiwi. A Maori woman had a special welcome way for the Beatles.

When the concert began, there was a loud scream expressing how happy the fans were. With a black and white TV and the pubs that were close at six pm, the Beatles’ New Zealand Concert was considered life-changing. They had never seen anything like the performance of the Beatles in New Zealand before.

Even the King of Thailand came to the concert. You find this article about the Beatles tour in New Zealand interesting, right?

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