The Beatles Tour in Australia

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The Beatles Tour in Australia was about fifty years ago. This 1964 tour was the first and the last for the Beatles. It was such a big surprise at that time for the most popular band in the world to have a concert in Australia. The Melbourne promoter Kenn Brodziak only said that it was the luck and instinct.

In 1963 the Beatles was on the top of its fame with the single “Please Please Me” that had been at the top of the UK chart for thirty weeks. Their second album in November 1963 was sold five hundred thousand copies.

So, when Kenn Brodziak came to London the same year, he undoubtedly chose the Beatles to be invited to Australia.
At first, Adelaide was not on the list to have the Beatles concert but the Beatles’ eighty thousand fans wrote a petition to the Beatles management directly.

When additional shows were added in Adelaide, about three hundred of the Beatles’ fans greeted the band showing their gratitude. After its show in Ed Sullivan Show USA in the early of 1964, with its four thousand fans screaming when they landed in JFK Airport, on June 11, 1964, the Beatles landed in Sydney Australia with Jimmy Nicol as the replacer of Ringo Starr who suffered from tonsillitis.

Thousands of fans enjoyed the Beatles’ performances in Australia. It was a pity that the concert in Australia was also the last. The fans coming to the Beatles Australia Concert might think that it was like once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the band’s Australia show, especially when the band disbanded six years later.

Actually, in 1966 the band in their San Francisco’s Candlestick Park show had said that they wouldn’t have a touring concert anymore. However, the band had a rooftop concert in January 1969. The Beatles Tour in Australia article hopefully gives you more knowledge.

If the show happens today, I might take a rideshare service in Australia to go to the concert, according to there are more than 5 ridesharing service operated in the city. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to park my car among thousands of people who come to the show.

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